Tuesday, December 29, 2009

State Memories Project: Wisconsin

It’ll be baseball again. This is the last state memory with baseball in it, I promise. I tried to find a memory that sticks out more, and while I have a few (asking my grandma football trivia questions while dropping my brother off at camp in about 1980, hanging out with friends Chris and Rebecca and their adorable kids at the Madison Children’s Museum, abandoning a July 4th fireworks show with Chris and Rebecca on the Milwaukee Waterfront before it started because it looked like rain, and then arriving in the car right before a deluge), this one sticks out the most, so we’ll go with it.

In 2007, Swankette and I did a spring break baseball tour of the Midwest, and it involved a drive up to Appleton for a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game. It was bloody cold, but we made it through the game in Clinton, Iowa the night before (gloves, hats, long underwear, etc.). So we got to Appleton ready for a tough night. Temperatures were in the 20s and wind chill down around zero. We got to the hotel and called to confirm that they would play the game.

They canceled it. Wimps.

I said that we were in from Seattle, we were not able to exchange the tickets for another night, and was there any way we could get a refund? The person we spoke to on the phone said that we couldn’t get a refund, but we could exchange our tickets for merchandise in the team store…and that the team store closed in 15 minutes.

SOLD! We jumped in the car, zipped to the ballpark, and ran into the store. The man there said “Really? He told you you could use your ticket money here? Let me go talk to him.”

10 minutes later, the guy we spoke to on the phone sheepishly arrived and said that, um, yeah, he shouldn’t have said that, we can’t trade in our tickets for merchandise, but if we waited, he could get us Timber Rattlers baseballs that were left over from last night’s giveaway. It took him a while to find them, and we wandered the frigid ballpark taking pictures. Finally, he arrived, and we donated our tickets to the charity fund.

I guess it’s better that the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Appleton (or whatever) got our tickets than it would have been for us to get a hat or whatever. But it was still a bizarre customer service moment.


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