Tuesday, December 29, 2009

State Memories Project: Washington

It’s gotta be the wedding. Hedgehog’s birth was transcendent and wonderful, but it’s gotta be the wedding.

The entire weekend was exactly perfect with two exceptions: the heat and the SeaFair traffic between the ceremony and the reception. But rather than focus on the weekend—the AquaSox rehearsal dinner, the close friends, the family reading and leading prayers, the fantastic minister preaching about baseball, my sister not being able to maintain her composure for prayers, my best friends all singing a Kenyon Chasers hit that broke me 100% down…

well, I’ll focus on a tactile moment.

For the whole year leading up to the wedding, I told Swankette that I wouldn’t cry—that it was not really my style, that she shouldn’t be upset about it. She said it wasn’t a big deal.

But I 100% lost it, and I lost it at one moment exactly.

The ring. Swankette is eighteen inches from my face, and I’ve slipped the ring on her finger, and there she is slipping the ring on mine. And the tactileness of feeling that ring go on absolutely set me off. I’d never worn a ring before! Certainly not on that finger. And feeling that VOW happen…is there anything more beautiful than a vow made out of deep, wonderful love?...well, I absolutely lost it. I cried. I made it through the remainder of the vows, etc., but there were real tears. Then, when Swankette and I turned and knelt in front of the celebrant…much to our surprise, SHE was in tears. And we hadn’t known her that long!

I composed myself until the friend choir sang "Go Ye Now In Peace". It’s a sweet little song—nothing special—but it has incredible sentimental value to me, since it closed every Kenyon Chasers concert. Knowing that all of these people I loved were singing that song that meant so much to me…well it brought the serious waterworks. Repeated, quaking, massive sobs. Tearfest 2005.

I got it together, grabbed the baseball that the minister had used in the ceremony, and waited to greet people outside the church. Tears came and went all night long. I remember my friend Tom Spoon asking “Are you okay? Seriously, man, are you okay?” I wanted to shouted through my tears: “YES!!!”

My friend Andrew made it all better. Quoth he: “Finally. A man as emotional on his wedding day as I was.”

Thanks, Andrew.

But it all started with the ring. She put it on me that evening, and I’ll be buried with it. That’s damn exciting.

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