Tuesday, December 29, 2009

State Memories Project: South Dakota

Our family went on a trip to South Dakota in 1973—my dad was the featured speaker at some sort of anesthesiology shindig up there. So all six of us piled into a station wagon and headed to Rapid City.

I was only three years old, but I do have two memories of the trip that endure. The first is not that notable. We were staying in some sort of hotel that felt like a trailer park, at least in my memory. I do remember being in a hotel room and watching Match Game ’73.

The other one is more striking, and will serve as the actual #1 memory from the state. It’s really just one quick visual. I remember looking up at Mount Rushmore while being carried by my mother. What an intense visual! We were at some kind of visitors’ center, either behind a railing or possibly even indoors in front of a gigantic window. But I remember being quite impressed.

Strange. If I was three, my mother and father were both 34—significantly younger than I am now. I remember my parents at a younger age than I am now.

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