Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As this blog slowly dies...another is born

James Rosenzweig, a former colleague and continuing friend, has started an ambitious and interesting project (with an associated blog). James will read every work that has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction/novels. He's started in 1918 and will go right on forward to the present day. He's blogging as he reads, and inviting comments (it appears one need not read the books to comment on the blog, much like in our English classes...)

Check it out. Read along. Comment. He's an awesome dude.


Hillary said...

Slowly dying? Say it isn't so. I 1st discovered your blog back when I was avoiding writing my National Board entries by, "Doing Important Research." But, after following the move, the pregnancy, and the cute baby pictures, how will I cope with your writing only being available to your actual real world Facebook friends? Maybe you could come up with a way of migrating us loyal and legit strangers to Facebook, without revealing your blog identity to students, bosses, etc.

TeacherRefPoet said...

Hilary--I'm totally torn. I like the anonymity and the ability to write at some length here. I've considered just doing notes on Facebook (to avoid the length restrictions of the status updates), but isn't there something to having strangers read me? Being -public-? James' cool blog is -better- because he's doing it for public consumption, isn't it?

But the fact is, very, very few people read this anymore, so I'd probably be better off on Facebook...with my name attached.

I do appreciate you being one of those readers, however.

Jim Anderson said...

Twitter. Join us.