Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strange request from my wife

My wife and I are going on vacation starting on Saturday (baby's first plane flight...wish us luck). We're already more or less all packed--tomorrow I shall clean house so it's nice when we get back here, we'll go to the sports bar for dinner, and we'll get up obscenely early on Saturday to head out of town.

Swankette had a fairly good idea. If we're cutting it close in our connection, she'll Moby the boy and I'll be the Sherpa, responsible for stroller, car seat, and my backpack. And, since it's easier/safer to run quickly with things than with a baby, she'll want me to sprint ahead of her to get to the gate.

She asked me this today. But it's HOW she asked me that alarmed me.

Here's what she said:

"Sweetie, would you be willing to do an O.J.?"

(Remember back when that meant running through an airport? It doesn't really mean that anymore.)


Jack Bog said...

Don't forget to wear your Bruno Maglis.

tommyspoon said...

I own a pair of Bruno Maglis. I call them my "OJs". Is that so wrong?

(BTW, they are the most comfortable shoes I own. Just sayin'.)

Leila said...

great blog