Thursday, July 30, 2009

State Memories Project: New Jersey

I stayed with my high school buddy Brooklyn in Weehauken, right across the river from Manhattan, during my trip to NYC for baseball in 1999.

On my last night there, we were in his tiny little basement apartment, and I was lying in bed on the other side of a curtain where he was practicing piano (actually, keyboard). He offered to play with headphones, but I said no--I enjoyed listening to him play. After working on whatever it was he was working on, Brooklyn started playing a 16-bar blues vamp with his left hand. And I’m not sure how we started this game, but I started shouting things that he should play with his right hand while maintaining the blues lick with his left. “Play Hill Street Blues!” I demanded. He’d play the theme from Hill Street Blues while keeping the blues up. (It didn’t sound good.) “Play Flight of the Bumblebee!” He did. It’s not a match for a blues bass line. “Play Rachmaninoff!” He did. Damn hard to do under any circumstances, but even harder with blues on the left hand.

I'm not sure I know anyone else capable of doing this on demand. Nice job, Brooklyn.


Kyle said...

I honestly do not comply with these things, I think that waffles have some taste when you add strawberries and blueberries, although, Mexicans can make very good tacos, but don't trust the one without gloves. Therefore, mice have brains and bricks are purple, I'm out dawg.

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