Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't let the door hit you, Yuniesky

The Mariners unloaded Yuniesky Betancourt today, who has had it coming for a long time. The long-suffering Royals took him off our hands for a couple of prospects (although we'll be sending some cash as well).

Curious as to the reaction, I hunted down a Royals blog and checked out the comments. In there, I found this exchange, which is as hilarious as it is tasteless:

MARINER FAN: Seriously...this is like the US Cavalry giving a small pox blankets to the Native Americans. My condolences.

ROYAL FAN #1: To be fair, It’s like giving the blanket after the village is already infected. Is one more crappy SS even going to matter at this point?

ROYAL FAN #2: Yeah, it's more like, while they're dying of small pox, you kick them in the nads.

I'll be giggling about this for a while. Ashamedly, but definitely.

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