Sunday, June 14, 2009

State Memories Project: Mississippi

The only time I’ve been in Mississippi as a destination (I’d driven across previously) was for some kind of Teach for America pow-wow at a state park in Mississippi in early March of 1994.

I went with my teacher buddies Chris and Dan, who drank beer the whole way. I’m pretty sure that I must have driven, because I remember we made repeated attempts to set the American outdoor record for Longest Sustained Urination along the way. They beat me handily because they were drinking a lot of beer and I was not. But most of those attempts at the record were en route and therefore in Louisiana.

I remember sitting around a campfire chatting with friends and learning about John Candy’s death (It is in looking up the date of his death that I determined that I went to Mississippi on the first weekend of March, 1994). And then Chris, Dan and I found a spot to set up our tent, when Chris suggested that it was such a gorgeous night, and there weren’t any bugs…why not just put our sleeping bags on the mattress pads, forgo the tent, and sleep outside?

That’s what we did. I remember falling asleep in a state park under the stars with two friends. That’s Mississippi for me.

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