Sunday, June 28, 2009

Letter to Hedgehog: Month Four

Dear Hedgehog,

Sometime this month you added laughter to the smiling. It was a fantastic addition to your repertoire, let me tell you. Because it's a cool, hearty laugh. All of the sounds you make are hearty. My dad, your grandpa, first heard you cry over the phone on your first day of existence and stated it was "a lusty cry." It remains so. But you skipped the giggles and went straight to guffaws. Deep-voiced (for you) haw-haws over your favorite things: chin tickles, gwotoms (that's a word your Uncle Dan invented for a five-fingered squeeze, the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes game, nose touching, and beeping my nose are on the list.

And you develop like a house on fire. My mom, your grandma, saw you roll from back to front for the first couple of times (and dammit, I missed it...I was out of the house). You don't seem to get frustrated about just kind of take it at your pace and try to remember what caused you to do such a cool thing.

All parents think their kids are attractive, but I can't help but think of you as attractive in a surprising sort of traditional-Gerber way. I'm sure there's not any studies indicating whether good-looking infants become good-looking adults, but if you stay in the 95th percentile in height (I'm above that, so you might) and remain slender, and if you flash those satellite-dish uber-focused blue eyes that you inherited from your mom, you've got a shot at being a damned attractive adult. I hope that we raise you in a way that you have the confidence to go with it.

This month will be fact, this week we're taking you on the first of many July 4th Minor League Baseball Road Trips. We'll see if our itinerary was too optimistic. I bet it's're almost always a joy to travel. Only on the trip home from Seattle last week were you trouble. You would yell and even scream whenever we moved, but when we stopped (which was nearly every exit!), you'd chill out as soon as we got you out of the car seat. We were worried you'd suddenly decided you hated travel...but then, outside the Subway at exit 57, you let loose with the absolute mother of all poops. It was that, combined with some kind of strange pressure from the car seat, that was troubling you, and not travel. Thank goodness...because we'll have a LOT of travel in your near future! You'll have been to 11 states before you turn 7 months old. How many people can say that?

You're so immensely cool to hang out with. I know that parents can't exactly be friends with their kids, but until you learn how to sin (probably only a year or so off), I feel like we're buds. And I like it.


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Paula said...

He's as precious as can be! And you'll be surprised at how much you can be friends once you've laid solid groundwork.