Friday, June 19, 2009

In which I solve two health mysteries

When asked my weight, I usually say 185. That's about where I leveled out in my late 20s. I've been as high as 215 (after vocal problems kept me from refereeing for three years) and as low as 135 (that'd be my sophomore year of HS...I'd more or less reached my current height by then...seriously, I should put a picture up here someday; it was freaky-scary).

To be sure, over the course of a year, 185 is usually my best-case scenario. I'm that at the end of the basketball season, and head up to 190-195 for the rest of the year.

I was 185 at the end of the most recent basketball season, and I began my usual 9-month regiment of not-exercising-much...I prepared for the usual 5-10 pound gain.

About a month ago, I hopped on the scale.


That ain't right.

About the same time, my wife hopped on the scale. She proclaimed that she had lost a bunch of weight lately. Although she has been looking pretty damn good even by her standards lately, I had to tell her that I believed the scale had given up the ghost.

We bought a new scale.


WTF? I now weigh less than I have since 1994.

While wife has me eating fairly decently, I still go to Burgerville and Moxie's a little more often than I probably should (mostly during paper-grading binges). And I haven't exercised much since basketball season ended four months ago. Yeah, I dance with the boy at nights, and I've gone on maybe a half-dozen walks with him, but that's not enough to explain a 10-pound downturn.

I couldn't come up with anything unusual to cause weight loss until today, when I think I figured it out.

The only thing I've done differently these last few months is the Month Without Cheese. (My wife's weight-loss explanation is more obvious--all of her weight is exiting through her boobs.)

Could I possibly have lost 10 pounds just through that stunt? (And then managed to keep it off by being a little more thoughtful about unnecessary cheese consumptions since?

I know that correlation is not causation, but nonetheless, I think so. Nothing else adds up.

On the negative side, I've been having some vocal troubles. Not as serious as the really bad ones back in 2001, but I've been really vocally fatigued at the end of teaching days--even conversations.


I first noticed this back in March. I figured it was after a couple of weeks of library teaching, or the fact that I now teach in a room with a higher ceiling was finally catching up to me.

But then this morning, on the first of many morning constitutionals with my son, I noticed me talking to him, telling him what a good guy he was and giving a play-by-play of the things we were passing.

Due to Hedgehog's presence, not only am I talking more than I used to (as if this is possible!), but my "talking to Hedgehog" voice is very low, unsupported, and kind of gravelly.

Time to change that!

So, this summer:

--I have a goal to eat fruits or veggies every time I eat. This is not to say that I will eat nothing but fruits and veggies. It is to force me to eat them. When I want chips and salsa (which is often), I will have them, but I will eat a handful of carrots or an apple first.

--I will talk to the boy with vocal support.

--I will continue to watch my cheese intake.

--I will enjoy daily morning constitutionals with the boy.

If this works for a month or so, I may even add--gasp!--some weight training to do something about my rather pathetic upper body.


swankette said...

Not all the weight has exited through my boobs. Some of it exited through my crotch.

Melissa said...

On that note: Happy 1st Father's Day, TRP!

JJ said...

Happy Father's Day!

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I lost 7 lbs (without trying) just by following the rules in the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Amazing. Worth checking out from the library.