Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If I don't make it, I won't be alone

The New York Times examines the demise of so very many blogs.

I'm still slogging away--at least until the State Memories project ends in December--but one blogger puts my difficulties into words perfectly:

“The Internet is different now,” she said over a cup of tea in Midtown. “I was too Web 1.0. You want to be anonymous, you want to write, like, long entries, and no one wants to read that stuff.”

I'm not ready for Twitter, but I can see me getting there from here.

Thanks to Joe, man with one of my favorite dead blogs, for pointing me in this direction.


Alison said...

I sympathize. It's a struggle to keep up my blog (even though I have never had any illusions of anonymity). On the other hand, I can't see myself ever picking up Twitter. There's remarkably little anyone can say in 140 characters that is interesting enough for me to care.

CT said...

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Jim Anderson said...

I almost hope you're going to leave that spam comment up there, since it represents everything wrong with Web 2.0.

I've noticed that my blogging has slowed down as life has gotten busier. But that's okay. I don't have to dish out a main course every day anymore, when Twitter lets me feed the crowd with appetizers, which are always the best part of the meal anyhow.

Join us on Twitter, man. Microblogging to salve the soul.

GlobeTrottingCyberParanoid said...

Aaah. Okay, I clearly joined the blogging world too late, having started my blog yesterday (with a really long entry, too). But I like reading the long entries on other people's blogs.

It took me this long to get a blog. I figure I'll manage Twitter in about 30 years.