Saturday, May 16, 2009

This just occurred to me.

I've been singing a lot of John Lennon lately because I've convinced myself, based on a very small sample size, that it helps my son sleep.

Alas, as I've stated here (and am too lazy to link to), Paul Simon's songs to children are superior. In fact, the only song Lennon wrote for a kid is "Beautiful Boy."

Yeah. I'm not a fan either. I usually sing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Done right, it's a sweet little fantasy. (Yeah, I know people say it's about LSD. But let's go with Lennon's story that it's about a picture his son made.)

It occurred to me, however, that John Lennon hasn't even written the best song to his own child.

Lennon's song to his son: "Beautiful Boy."
Paul McCartney's song to Lennon's son: "Hey Jude."

That's such a blowout that we need the mercy rule.

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