Sunday, May 17, 2009

State Memories Project: Maryland

All of my Maryland trips have had sports in them—two Orioles games, one Aberdeen IronBirds game, and a Washington Bullets game. The latter was on my first trip to Maryland, and is my best Maryland memory.

This was April of 1995. I was wrapping up my time at Pittsburgh, and somehow had a weekend to burn. My buddy Rob (see Arizona) was getting a graduate degree at Penn State, and we met up and headed down to Rockville, Maryland, where former Kenyon College Chaser-mate Alison lived with her boyfriend (now husband) Joe. We found their place and hung out for a couple of days.

Included in the itinerary that weekend was a trip to see the Washington Bullets play and their then-home in Landover, Maryland. A quick Google search reveals that we saw them play Phoenix and lose 127-123. Rob, Alison, Joe and I mostly sat back and made snarky comments. This is back when I would yell stuff for fun. And for some reason, we noticed the Bullets’ cheerleaders, about 20 rows beneath us on the floor by the corner of the court, were responding to some of the dorky things we were yelling.

Rob said: “I bet we could get them to join in a cheer we start.”

So, next time Washington had the ball, we tried.

“LET’S GO, BUL-LETS! (clap, clap...clap-clap)
LET’S GO, BUL-LETS! (clap, clap...clap-clap)”

By the end of our second repeat, the cheerleaders were saying it with us. We stopped chanting and started high-fiving. Yeah! We did it!

About a second later, Rob started a second chant:

“WE LOVE THE CHEER-LEADERS! (clap, clap…clap-clap)”

They laughed. And Rob later suggested we could have bedded the whole cheerleading squad due to our hilarious wit. It's a shame we didn't try.

What do y'all have for Maryland?


Butterbean said...

There are no grocery stores in Maryland. This is an indisputable fact. If you need to purchase anything from a grocery store, say Vaseline to salve your chafed skin, you should be prepared to either go to Pennsylvania or maybe Virginia. The maybe will be explained when the project reaches Virginia, a state which I'm not 100% convinced exists.

I already said too much.

Alison said...

Very nice! I am pretty sure that's the one and only Bullets game I ever attended.

And I'd like to correct Butterbean - there are grocery stores roughly every half-mile in Montgomery County. I cannot vouch for PG County, though...