Sunday, May 10, 2009

Perhaps I'm a blog weekender.

Most of my energies go to work and bedtime for the boy. Here's what I've got for this week:

--Something really funny happened where I said "I'll have to blog about that." Then I forgot.

--Something happened at work that pissed me off, that's a hilariously bad decision by our district. But I don't blog about work.

And everywhere I look, the daily-stuff blogs are kind of winding down, easing up...they're so very 2005.

I've committed to finishing my state memories, so I won't shut the blog down...but why am I not doing that on Facebook?

Just mulling over the future of this site, guys...


Chris Snethen said...

The blog is fine. Weekends are fine. I'm finding a similar balance myself. I used to TRY to have two or three things up a day. It's too much. Now I post what I remember when I remember it. It's much better this way.

Jim Anderson said...

Most of the daily blogs I read--the good ones, anyway--are group efforts. No shame in weekending, methinks.

Joe said...

You're not doing it on Facebook because Facebook assumes you want to control your readership.

Blogs are real publishing - reaching out to the actual world. Facebook is talking to only your buddies.

Of course, "real publishing" starts with the dictum "first, have something to say."

So says the guy with the dead blog and the active Twitter account. ;-)