Sunday, May 31, 2009

Letter to Hedgehog: Month Three

Dear Hedgehog,

We had a wonderful month, and it ended with you being baptized today. Family and friends came from all around to party with you. And early returns indicate you enjoy parties. Like your dad (and NOT like your mom), you seem to enjoy being the center of attention. Today was a great day for that. We played "Pass The Baby" all day long. When the minister took you up and down the aisle at the church, everybody waved and made faces. You're a really, really cool guy and get along nicely with everyone.

You're gathering skills at a simply mind-boggling rate. It just blows my mind, the human brain and watching you develop yours. Last week (and for all weeks prior), you would just stare up and the fish on your mobile...maybe swat at them a little. Within the last few days, you figured out you could grab them. Yesterday, you even pulled one right off its velcro mooring. I notice you reaching out for the books I read you and even following them around when I move them around. It's simply an awesome experience, in both the modern sense of the word (i.e., "cool") and the traditional sense of the word (i.e. "inspiring awe and wonderment").

Yesterday, your 14-year-old cousin decided to lay down next to you and play with a baby cell phone your grandparents had gotten you. It's a little advanced for you as yet, but when your cousin sat there and smacked the buttons in a game he invented (which sounded challenging), you were absolutely transfixed. I think you focus a LOT on kids when they're around. Not so much on babies, but on kids who can do more than you can. That's a hell of a good way to learn.

And I'll keep busting my butt for you if you keep on smiling at us whenever you can. It still feels sort of unreal. I'd imagine it always will. I should ask my parents about that. Their oldest turned 45 today. I bet it still feels unreal to them in some ways. Because when I'm singing to you or reading to you or just chilling with you, I continue to think this when I look at you:

"Whoa! I helped make THAT????"

Talk to you in another month.

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Paula Reed said...

That is one happy looking baby, TRP. You all must be doing the right stuff!