Sunday, April 05, 2009

TRP's Fearless 2009 MLB Predictions

Are thus.


Boston 93-69
Tampa Bay 92-70
NY Yankees 87-75
Baltimore 76-86
Toronto 67-95

AL CENTRAL aka a bunch of mediocre teams in a lame pennant "race"

Minnesota 85-77
Chicago White Sox 83-79
Cleveland 82-80
Detroit 81-81
Kansas City 79-83

AL WEST which is actually lamer than the AL Central

LA Angels of Orange County of Anaheim of the USA of the Milky Way 88-74
Oakland 77-85
Seattle 74-88
Texas 73-89


Philadelphia 91-71
NY Mets 87-75
Florida 82-80
Atlanta 80-82 although they look awfully good on TV right now
Washington 62-100


Chicago Cubs 96-66
Cincinnati 88-74
St. Louis 86-76
Milwaukee 84-78
Houston 70-92
Pittsburgh 65-97


LA Dodgers 89-73
Arizona 86-76
San Francisco 78-84
Colorado 77-85
San Diego 74-88

Can a team face a division mate in the first round? It doesn't matter. I have the following for the ALCS and NLCS:

ALCS: Red Sox over Rays
NLCS: Cubs over Phillies

Which means, urrrgggh, we have a Cubs/Red Sox World Series. The media will have a nonstop ten-day-long climax. It will be virtually unwatchable--maybe I'll do it without the sound.

Cubs win the World Series in 7.


pankleb said...

It's on.

pankleb said...

Bring on the fried food.

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