Sunday, April 26, 2009

State Memories Project: Kentucky

I’ve driven across Kentucky three times, but only stopped once, and that was on my 2006 baseball trip. Swankette had left me to go back to work, and I did a few days on my own. My plan was to get to Louisville about 3 hours before first pitch and head to the Muhammad Ali Museum, then catch the game. That plan was scrapped when I discovered upon arrival that, although I had driven directly north from Nashville that day, I had slipped from the Central to the Eastern time zones.

I forewent the museum—too expensive to tackle in an hour—and instead wandered along the riverfront. It was 100 degrees. Within a few steps, my shirt stuck to my skin. But I noticed something pretty cool on the side of the museum. It was a pixelated something-or-other photo. I headed east along the river, looking back over my shoulder at the building, and slowly, surely, the image came into focus over the next half hour or so of walking…it was Ali, standing in that famous pose with one gloved hand extended after the knockout uppercut, menacingly standing with his mouth open, mouth guard exposed, over his defeated opponent. Liston? Foreman? I don’t know the opponent, but you know the picture.

Even pixelated, it was stirring and impressive. Not stirring enough to get me past the half-hour walk in 100 degree heat, mind you. But it was a fun moment from my 5 hours or so in Kentucky.

What do y'all have for Kentucky?

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