Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some thoughts on the boy

At this point in the baseball season, one of my favorite phrases is "on pace to." As in, "Miguel Cabrera is on pace to have thirty million RBIs this season." It's fun to extrapolate.

Let's do that with my son.

Between the first measurement (birth) and the second (at about two weeks), my son grew over two inches and gained a pound. Both measurements were quite impressive to the medical personnel. He continues to grow like a weed. I don't know that he's grown four more inches, but it sure looks like it. He's getting his father's longness and leanness. Only when I bathe him do I see the Buddha belly (much the same as the only time I can see my own belly).

But I did the math. Let's look ahead to his 18th birthday.

By the time my boy turns 18, he is on pace to be 101 feet tall!

Part of me feels like this would be pretty cool. Needless to say, I immediately thought that volleyball or basketball would be his best sports.

But then I continued the math. While 101 feet tall, my son would only weigh about 400 pounds.

He'd be the string-beaniest tall boy in history.

I'm not sure a guy with that build would make it as an athlete. He'd either have to make money as the star of a reality show or he'd have to clean storm drains.

That's okay. We'll love him regardless.

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