Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A month without cheese

It has come to my attention of late that my cholesterol, while not officially "high," is closer to the high border of normal than to the low border. And, since my dad damn near died of a "widowmaker" heart attack at 64, and since I plan on retiring at 62, and now I have a boy and would like to see him as a man, and since my dad took (and takes) way better care of himself than I generally do...well, I'd like to do something tangible to get down to "low" rather than "normal."

But where, oh where, do I eat much cholesterol?

I don't have a lot of high-fat dessert-type things. We will occasionally enjoy ice cream, buying a carton every couple of months and eating it until it's gone. I don't eat high-fat meats. I'm not downing Oreos.

But it has come to my attention that I do eat one high-fat food all the time.


I can't break myself of the cheese habit.

On those occasions where I go out, it's usually for nachos or a cheeseburger or a burrito with loads of cheese on it. Seriously...if I could make my kitchen into a Chili's, I'd consider it. Just take anything and melt a bunch of cheese over it. Mmmm.

And when Swankette bought a package of cojack for sandwiches...well, much of it didn't make it to sandwiches. I like the stuff right out of the package.

I need to see if I can break that habit. So I'm doing it. Cold turkey.

April shall be A Month Without Cheese.

This could be a little tricky. Swankette says she will support me, but only to the point of calling this "the month without cheese slices." So if she melts a little cheese over my dinner, I will eat it...unless it is feasible to do it separately, in which case I will endure a cheese-free existence.

The hardest part: I can't say "A Month Without Cheese" without heading Peter & Gordon's damn song "A World Without Love."

I don't care what they say
I won't stay in a world without cheese...

But stay tuned. I can do this.


Hillary said...

Just like your son inherited his headstrong and stubborn nature, you've probably inherited the cholesterol (not that I'm any kind of medical expert). Eat oatmeal. Go on long invigorating walks with the baby. Give up the burgers. Anything but a month without cheese!

TeacherRefPoet said...


I seldom have burgers (one or two a month). I've been eating oatmeal (although I like the instant stuff, which is both environmentally questionable and more expensive). And I've been exercising OK.

It's the cheese. And by God, I want to show I can do it.

I dare you. Try and MAKE me eat cheese this month. (Unless my in-laws make it. I'll eat that to be polite.)

JJ said...

If you haven't read "In Defense of Food", it's worth it. It may give you a completely different approach to your diet.