Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby's First Baseball Game

Hedgehog attended his first baseball game last week. Sacramento at Portland.

It was chilly—about 50 degrees—but we had him bundled up. I was wandering back to my seat after changing his diaper (only a few hundred people were there, although announced attendance was 1600) when I heard someone calling me.

“Sir! Sir!”

I turned around and saw an usher on a landing over me.

“Did you know about our infant and toddler suite?”

Apparently, the Beavers have set aside a suite just for people with infants and toddlers at the game.

The cost of admission was merely the intimation that I was an unfit parent.

“You need to go there! That boy will FREEZE!!!” (The boy was both bundled up and fast asleep.)

Still, Swankette and I took the woman up on her offer, more for our own comfort than for Hedgehog’s. Bean joined us, and a fine time was had by all of us. We’ll probably head back to the suite, just for easier breastfeeding and a better changing table than the bathroom provides.

It was “nothing night.” There were no promotions, no wacky between-innings banter, nothing…just baseball and occasional organ music. This meant that Hedgehog got a calm introduction to baseball. We think he liked it—the noises, the atmosphere. He sat on his mom's lap, facing outward, checking everything out for far longer than an infant's attention span normally is.

We’ll see on May 6 if he still likes it when all the infernal PA noise is added. And on May 24, he makes his major league debut at Safeco Field. We’re working him up to it nicely, I think.

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