Sunday, March 15, 2009

State Memories Project: Hawaii

The best part about the honeymoon was that we had come in under budget on the wedding. So when Swankette’s parents kicked in timeshare at a condo and my parents bought us plane tickets, we suddenly had a week on Kauai and loads of cash. We decided that we would, for the only week in our lives, completely ignore all price tags and do what we wanted. This meant we enjoyed all of the absolutely best restaurants for the whole week. But my best memories turned out to be not at the fancy-pants places but at Taco Bell on the first day (see Alabama’s story…) and the Waimea Brewpub.

Waimea Brewpub bills itself as the westernmost brewpub in the world. It’s well out west on Kauai, in the tiny town of Waimea, which is downhill from Waimea Canyon, which is one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous places I’ve ever seen. Swankette and I wandered along rainforests at the top of the canyon and checked out the river down below. With gorgeous mountains, this transcendent canyon, and of course, the Pacific Ocean all within easy striking distance, I was hooked. We drove by Waimea High School, and I entertained some fantasies of teaching AP English there for a living….grading kids’ papers on a balcony overlooking the ocean in 83 degree weather every night of the year isn’t a shabby way to live. (But it’s way too removed, alas, from all the people I love.)

On the way home, Swankette, a lover of microbrews, decided that we should stop at the Brewpub. What I remember about it is how awful the service was. It took forever to get our food (I believe I had the Kalua pork enchiladas). The wait staff were on Hawaiian time. But, sitting on the patio in the thick, salty air with my wife of four days, time didn’t matter. Where would I rather be than in that place at that moment, enjoying a drink with an umbrella in it while Swankette negotiated her microbrew? A longer wait was far preferable to a shorter one. I loved that place, that moment, and that woman.

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Anonymous said...

Hawaii was the last state visited by TRP's Dad to complete his all 50 states in a lifetime goal. We were on Kauai. It is drop dead beautiful there. I kept getting the feeling that I had seen all this before until I realized that every tropical setting movie from South Pacific to Jurasic Park had been filmed there. Even the view from our hotel window had been the backdrop for a TV series.