Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Looks like I've been James Freyed.

The minor league baseball book, Odd Man Out, that I enjoyed so much?

Pretty much looks like it's fiction. The NY Times has a highly damning list of impossibilities and some reaction from justifiably pissed off teammates and coaches.

Looks like the Yalie southpaw is a first-class butthole. It'll be interesting to see what the fallout is for him. The Times did such a good and thorough job listing McCarthy's many, many verifiable inaccuracies that I can't trust any of the unverifiable stuff, either. So I doubt that there's any real long-term impact on his teammates.

McCarthy was such a good writer--it's a shame he had to lie. Why not just write fiction?


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Have you bothered to follow-up on this so-called baseball hoax? It turns out the New York Times invented many of the errors in McCarthy's book by taking things grossly out of context. The book isn't being retracted. They're not even printing a revised edition. All the Times article did was keep the book on the best seller list for a few extra weeks. Don't believe everything you read! The New York Times should be held accountable for such irresponsible journalism. I feel bad that you fell for it.