Sunday, February 15, 2009

State Memories Project: Connecticut

In March of 1992, Kenyon Chamber Singers tour took us through Pennsylvania to New England. One of those gigs was in Westport, Connecticut, which was the hometown of Liz, an adorable freshman who was in Chasers, my other a cappella group. We didn’t have to stay with a host family that night because Liz invited six of us—three guys, three girls—to her place for the night.

Unusually, our gig was in the afternoon… we had performed at Liz’s alma mater high school that day. So, after a low-stress performance, we had a free afternoon and evening.

What I’ll remember most from that night was dinner. Liz’s parents took us all out to a pizza joint, and we were all letting off a LOT of pent-up steam from being on guest behavior every night. This mostly meant being loud and marginally appropriate. (The previous night, we had performed at Merkin Concert Hall in New York City…a major venue…so after performing at the high school, we were ready to cut loose.) I remember sitting at the head of the table and laughing a lot. Liz was at the opposite end of the table.

While I have no idea what joke caused this, Liz—a willowy dancer who moved her body gracefully—elaborately mimed barfing in response to some of our comments. She pretended to smile and nod, then, all at once, would lock her entire torso, bug her eyes out, throw her head back, and throw her body to the side under table-level, pretending to retch for four or five seconds at a time. It was hilarious. She kept doing it, and it somehow got funnier every time. The visual of that brilliant imitation barfing has stayed with me to this day.

What do y'all remember from Connecticut?


Jim Anderson said...

Successive posts with "etiquette" and "Connecticut." Happy coincidence!

Kate said...

I actually remember attending that Chamber Singers concert at Staples in support of a friend in the group, but as a non-member, I missed the evening barfathon. If I'd only had a singing voice....

Anonymous said...

TRP's Dad began and ended a great car tour of the N.E. in Conn. My wife had to use all of her persuasive powers to get me on the plane for the trip home because it was a DC10 and an engine had fallen off of one recently with the expected dire result. I hate flying.