Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gut-wrenching SB losses

I'm thinking of my buddy Bean, one of a few dozen people nationally who were Arizona Cardinal fans before about 6 weeks ago. To watch this awesome Super Bowl with a rooting interest for Arizona must have been gut-wrenchingly awful.

But then I remember XXIV, back in my days as a Bronco fan. I knew the team was weak...that year, the whole AFC was terrible compared to the NFC. They snuck into the bowl, and I put on my Bronco sweatshirt and went down to Gund Commons at good ol' Kenyon to watch the ballgame. Knew it would be terrible.

And oh, God, but it was. Denver could do absolutely nothing on offense or on defense. It was like watching a junior high team play a high school varsity.

I didn't feel like I could walk away, though, and maintain my fan-dom, so I sat and watched. The worst part was when 49-er fans started feeling bad and actually started cheering a little for the Broncos to do something in the second half. And about a billion "Super Bowl Record" graphics. (Including "Most Father-Son Kisses." Jim Burt got that one.)

It was freaking devastating.

So I can't decide which would be worse. Being a Bronco fan for the Super Bowl 19 years ago? Or being a Cardinal fan today?

I'm leaning towards worse to be a Bronco fan, 'cos there was NOTHING to be proud of. Literally nothing good happened all day. I'd be hurt as a Card fan today, but do think I could somehow hold my head high...

But what do y'all think?

Chris, you don't get to vote.


Chris Snethen said...

Chris, you don't get to vote.

Then I shall be Puerto Rico. No vote, but a voice anyway.

Will Leitch captured my feelings exactly. I'm grateful for the pain and I don't think I would trade it for anything.

Alison said...

I remember that game. I was rooting for SF, because of lingering bitterness over the AFC championship. The Cardinals didn't have anything to be ashamed of this year. It was a great game. The Broncos...well...not so much.