Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby surfing

I love my son, but I have to say I'd like it if he worked out this day-night confusion he has. He's mixing them up; chilling and sleeping with his eyes barely open all day, then wanting to be social all night. Swankette and I are switching off overnight duties...I'm not sure how I'll be able to resume work two Mondays hence without exhaustion debilitating me...but for now, I'm looking to kill a lot of overnight time.

Fox Sports has been showing old Mariner games. They're collecting on the TiVo. Fun to look at dudes like David Bell again.

And I've worked out a way to keep baby in a safe, secure position while typing on the computer. Yay for overnight web surfing.

Anyway, y'all should check this out. It's a story I first saw on ESPN at the hospital, and the more I check it out, the cooler it gets.

Rinku Singh and Dinesh Kumar Patel finished one-two in Million Dollar Arm, an Indian reality show competition. The premise: who can throw a baseball the fastest and most accurately? The winner, Singh, threw 89 MPH. Patel threw 87 but is a lefty. Singh won a hundred grand (a big deal since his family is extremely poor) and a baseball tryout in the US. They sent Patel along for the tryout as well.

It's a marvelous story. Neither has ever heard of baseball--neither had picked up a baseball before Million Dollar Arm came along. Neither had seen a baseball game or heard of any players. Calling these guys green is an astonishing understatement.

They received pitching assistance from Tom House (former coach of Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson) for a few months. They had three separate tryouts.

The Pirates took a flyer. Some say it's a publicity stunt, but I see it as a low-risk, high-reward signing. Why the hell not?

So now the pair are in Bradenton at the Bucs' minor league spring training, working on not just their arms, but the very basics--baseball rules, English language, and the like.

And they have a blog, which is charming in the extreme. A sample:

Today Mr. Trevor Goodby, Sir saying he teaching us to playing the pool. We already knowing this game, but we not saying this.

He showing us how playing. And then we playing very good. he saying you guys playing very good… You hustling me man… and we just laughing but not knowing meaning of hustling me man. but we all laughing. we good at pool. much easy than pitching.

Seriously--check it out. It's surreally fun.


Alison said...

If you need something to work with during the 3-6am block, VH1 Classic airs the old 120 Minutes show then. Good stuff.

Kate said...

He'll figure out sleeping at night eventually. You'll figure out functioning while exhausted eventually. Hopefully neither of these skills will take long.

You're good if you've already figured out multitasking with one of said tasks involving baby-holding. Not to mention finding good non-infomercial stuff to watch in the wee hours.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kate. Also, it can help to keep it dark and quiet at night, if you aren't already doing that. Good luck!