Sunday, January 25, 2009

State Memories Project: Arkansas

Just this past April, Swankette and I spent several days in Arkansas on baseball-related travel which brought us through the Ozarks. The memory I think I’ll keep most was that of Cosmic Caverns, a cave we stopped and toured mostly because it was along one of the back roads we chose to travel.

The gift shop was very, very tacky, but therefore perfect.

Believe it or not, there aren’t a whole lot of tourists who select northern Arkansas as a Spring Break destination, so we got a personal tour—just us and a guide. So much of it was lovely—cave fish in pools, bizarre rock formations, and the guide kind and knowledgeable, though I never cared much for geology. Still, I was blown away by a gorgeous “soda straw” (a thin stalactite/stalagmite combination that reaches from floor to ceiling) that was something like nine feet tall and an inch or two thick. They wouldn’t let us into the room with it—too fragile—but even from the next room, it was something to behold.

We’ve got a picture of us in that cave. It probably deserves a frame and a spot on our shelves, just to show the kind of out-of-the-way US travel we enjoy.

What are your Arkansas memories?

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Anonymous said...

TRP and I had a father son bonding experience when I helped him drive to his Teach for America assigment in La. He talked me into taking a short detour to see Stamps Ark. a town that Maya Angelou lived in and where she had many of the experiences that shaped her life and influenced her writing. Seeing Stamps gives a strong visual impact to the words she wrote.