Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby's room

I have painted baby's room. It's a gorgeous color that my wife says she's falling more deeply in love with. And I PICKED the color. (Well, out of three choices wife left me.) Oh, and Matt helped me paint it. Thanks, Matt.

I have put together a crib, shelves, and dresser for baby. I'm not usually a put-together-stuff guy, but I did so in a borderline-gleeful fashion with less profanity than one might expect from such a project.

We've put down the rug. We're putting up the pictures.

Holy shit. My baby has a room.

T-minus 6 weeks and counting.

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Paula said...

The boy's room was yellow. The girl's was white. Hey, we moved in when she was 12 days old. We didn't get around to painting it until she was 3. Exciting times, TRP!