Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is my 1000th post

An arbitrary milestone, but a cool one.

To be honest, when I gave my very first post, I didn't think this would last. It has...over four years and now 4 digits worth of posting. I've really enjoyed this, and I thank anyone who has read.

I have probably 20 loyal readers, and a good number of others who stumble by because they don't want to be Catholic anymore, they need a Pleasantville essay to plagiarize, they want to see Sue Bird's bare feet, they're curious as to Diana Taurasi's sexuality, they want to know whether the book or the movie Yes Man is better, they are curious as to the longest sentence that can be typed with only the left hand, or they have a John Denver lyric stuck in their head.

Every one of you: thank you and welcome.

To celebrate, I'll do the same thing I did when I reached 500 a couple of years back. I have selected the top ten posts out of the last 500. It was a surprise how many I liked. On another day, I may have picked ten different ones, but these, when combined with the ten I picked the first go-round, give you 20 posts that sort of show the kind of writing I'm proud of.

You keep coming, and I'll keep 'em coming.

Posts I like:

The best ten posts from the first 500

8/7/2006: "Some Observations from the Red States"
9/1/2006: "Buying my grandmother candy"
4/12/2007: "The best laid plans..."
5/9/2007: "RIP, Howard"
8/30/2007: "The Mariners Make Me Homicidal"
9/23/2007: "My party has lost the moral upper hand"
12/29/2007: "A public letter to the drug purchasers of the greater Vancovuer, WA area"
9/29/2008: "Classroom Management Challenge"
10/19/2008: "Who's real in an election? Who's fake?"

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Paula said...

You are a better blogger than I. After 4 years and 25 days, I have 596 entries.