Sunday, December 07, 2008

Things I learned watching debaters yesterday

1. "According to Thomas Friedman's book Hot, Flat, and Sweaty..."

2. --"We should not bail out the car companies because then up-and-coming US car companies will be able to do things better."
--[opponent question] "Can you name one up-and-coming US car company?"
--"[long, desperate pause]...Um...Honda. No--wait...I meant Hyundai."

And, perhaps worst of all...

3. "Felons should be a part of society because sometimes their ideas are important. For instance, after Martin Luther King's supporters would beat up policemen and would go to jail for felonies, they still were able to get their message out."

When challenged and told that MLK stood for non-violence, the debater replied: "Of course Martin Luther King himself didn't commit any acts of violence. But some of his followers did."

(It's worth noting that the first two came from Public debate--sometimes called Parli--and the last from an LD round. My Public Forum rounds were actually OK yesterday. It's a small sample size, but yay PuFo.)

I had to stifle giggles all day imagining Friedman writing Hot, Flat, and Sweaty.


Chris Snethen said...

Hot, Flat, and Sweaty...

Reminds me of my first couch dance when I was 19.

TeacherRefPoet said...

Hold on, Bean...