Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never, ever, ever

assume there will be no school tomorrow. Always assume you're going in.

I've got my requisite grading done tonight. In fact, I've done MORE than the requisite grading, since my basketball games were canceled.

The forecast calls for snow to begin at about 6AM and to continue into the afternoon, when it will change to rain. Then, it'll drop to freezing overnight.

So will there be school tomorrow? I'd wager no school on Thursday, but tomorrow? It's uncertain.

There have been days where I'm so uncertain about whether there will be school or not that I actually wake up in the middle of the night and go to the window to look for snow or ice. When I reported this to my kiddoes today, a couple responded by saying "Yes! I did that all night last night!"

I tried to teach them from my sadder-but-wiser perspective...don't count on a snow day. Prepare for school. This way, you get to spend your might either pleasantly surprised or cautiously optimistic.

It was actually a really great school day. I made our little freshman LD debater, who has a tendency to cry whenever even slightly stressed (tears for her=sweat for the rest of us), up against a tough, sophisticated, aggressive senior boy. She didn't cry. In fact, she had him on the run in CX. He only won because he put together a great 2AR (saying "Human rights are more important than Constitutional rights. Genocide is more important than double jeopardy.") Without that, she pulls off the big upset. I think she was really, really happy and proud, as I was of her. Her response to all that pride?

She cried, of course.

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