Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My wife has been having some issues with the kid beating her up. As you see over there, yesterday was an especially challenging day. (Overheard her pleading with the kid: "I am NOT a trampoline!!!")

This morning started out the same way. Hedgehog awoke with my alarm, and as I was about to go off to school at 6:30, Swankette had pulled the laptop into bed. That's a bad sign, usually...insomniac wife plus active kid.

"You should tell Hedgehog that he/she should stop beating me up so I can sleep," wife suggested.

Well, I've got me a singing voice. So I leaned over right by the belly and improvised a lullaby. It went something like this:

Go to sleep
Go to sleep my baby
You should rest now
and stop kicking and punching your mommy
Because she needs to sleep
and she can't do it
When you treat her like the speedbag at the gym
So please stop
We love you
go to sleep my baby

As I finished, Swankette said:

"I really think Hedgehog liked that...
because Hedgehog is kicking me MORE now!!!"

As much as I felt for my bride, I must admit, I spent today kinda high that Hedgehog recognizes and responds to my voice...and my singing voice at that. There are definitely some lullabies in the future. Let's just hope they don't make the kid kick and punch.

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