Saturday, November 01, 2008

A letter from Barack Obama to me

I've sent a few bucks to Obama's campaign over the past few months. I thought I was done a couple of months ago, but then my buddy Jay died, and he asked for people to contribute to Obama's campaign in his memory, so I reached into the wallet and tossed a little more his way.

Today I got a postcard. On one side, it has a picture of the junior senator from Illinois shaking hands with supporters. The other side begins thusly:

"Thank you for your recent contribution to my presidential campaign. It is an honor to have your friendship and support."


On the one hand, I'm pretty honored that Barack (and as his friend, I can call him Barack) considers me a friend. I mean, out of all the people he's known in his life, I'm a friend! Maybe he can come over after this whole election business is done, and we can watch football and play backgammon.

Of course, this could also be code. I've been calling Barack my boyfriend for nearly all of 2008 now. Maybe this postcard was a way to get me to back off a little bit. Maybe it's a "hey, come on, we're just friends, ease up" thing. Maybe he finds me stalkerish, what with the calling him my boyfriend and insisting on sending him money. Hard to say.

But he considers me a friend. That's awesome.

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