Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let's play a game...

of You Are The Minnesota Vote Counter. Check it here.

A few of these voters are probably stupid...but some others probably have motor skills trouble that makes marking a ballot difficult. Either way, some of these are tough calls to make.

(From Jim, who is now a fellow NBCT.)

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tommyspoon said...

I realize that voting systems are the province of the States, but can we please stop using scantron sheets to vote?

Seems to me that the purveyors of such a system are not interested in making sure that all the votes are counted.

BTW, I came down really hard on confused voters. If there was any question, I rejected the ballot. That may seem unfair (and TRP makes an excellent point about motor skills) but this is the system that MN has chosen to use. They could make it much easier for folks with poor motor skills to cast their votes. Why they choose not to is a mystery.