Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The girl I reference here has made excellent progress in her AP essays. In fact, although I've still got half the current batch to go, she's an odds-on favorite to get the highest score our of her entire AP class on two essays in a row.

But she's still dotting her i's with little hearts.

I did talk to her about it about a month ago. I said that AP graders could be negatively swayed by her handwriting...might (incorrectly) peg her as unintelligent. She said she'd work on it. But every i is still dotted by a heart. It looks like a junior high love note (not that I got many of those...although I did go with Tiffany for 10 days in seventh grade...but I digress). And she does not want her essay that determines if she gets college credit to look like a junior high love note.

It occurred to me tonight that this might be the only way she's ever written. She started dotting her i's with hearts in first grade and never stopped. And if that's true, asking her to change that habit would be like asking me to start writing my i's upside down tomorrow, with the dot on the bottom. In other words...very difficult.

So I have a plan.

Tomorrow, I will ask my brilliant heart-dotting student if she prefers M&M's or Skittles.

I will purchase a package of them.

Then, before the next in-class essay (Monday), I will tell her that the package belongs to her...but that, upon collection of the paper, I will remove one M&M/Skittle for every time she dots an eye with a heart.

Repeat until victory is mine...

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