Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TRP's Fearless 2008 MLB Playoff Predictions

Based on not a lot of knowledge...more a hunch.

Cubs over Dodgers 3-0
Brewers over Phillies 3-2 (two Sabathia wins and a random win)

Rays over ChiSox 3-1
Angels over Red Sox 3-2

Cubs over Brewers 4-0
Rays over Angels 4-3

Rays over Cubs 4-2

I just got a real evidence to support this. Plus, it'd be damn funny to watch Cub fans completely implode as their curse continues at the hands of the team whose fans least deserve a title.


steve hamann said...

Although I am a White Sox fan, I take exception to your end sentence that Cubs fans "least deserve a title." After 100 years, I think they most deserve a title. Cubs fans are more than drunk Wriggley kids.

TeacherRefPoet said...


You misread my entry. Reread the sentence and you'll see that it's Rays fans who "least deserve a title."

Although my experiences at Wrigley showed me more people there to see-and-be-seen than real baseball fans, I still give them credit more than Rays fans (both of them).

stevehamann said...

oops, you are right, I did mis read. Sorry. It's just really hard to be a Chicago Baseball fan right now. We are all collectively hurting. O-2, geeze...

steve hamann said...

AAAAAAND the Cubs are done.