Saturday, October 25, 2008

Read the book before the movie comes around...

About every third commercial during tonight's World Series game had Christie Brinkley's pool scene in Vacation doctored to encourage me to buy HDTV. About every fourth was plugging Jim Carrey's Christmas movie Yes Man.

I'm sort of dreading it. Yes Man is an absolutely fantastic book that has the benefit of being non-fiction. As I told you back when I read the book, the author, Danny Wallace, decides he's being too negative in his life, and that he has to start saying yes to things more. Like pamphleteers on the street. Emailed spam. The guy in the bar who says "Are you checking out my girlfriend, punk?" All of it.

And, as I told you a couple of years back, it's a flat-ass amazing book.

But I suspect it will have almost nothing to do with the movie. Wallace gets "book" credit, as well as "associate producer" credit. To me, that means they just cut him a check.

Now, I've never thought Jim Carrey was funny. I liked him in The Truman Show, but nothing else. So the thought of them taking this awesome story and making it into a vehicle for Carrey clowning...well, it doesn't sit well with me.

So don't go see it. Buy the book instead.


Chris Snethen said...

Holy crap. That's it! I'll be picking up the book tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.

BTW, I've run hot and cold on Carrey. I'm hot on him again. Reading about his relationship with Jenny McCarthy and her autistic son has made me do a 180 on the guy. I'm rooting for him.

Melissa said...

I'm with you. I've never particularly found Jim Carrey funny. Always thought he was at his best in more quirky-dramatic roles, like his Joel in Eternal Sunshine.