Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain's angry, threatening supporters

Well, Saturday's New York Times captures McCain backpedaling a bit, trying to get voters to not be scared of the prospect of a President Obama. It's an interesting article. It captures the main problem, of course, which is that McCain/Palin's incendiary rhetoric has failed to do anything other than rile up those who are already right-wingnuts and has turned off anybody else. (See why I'm against this stuff, and why I'm glad Obama has mostly laid off of it?)

I can't give McCain and (especially) Palin too much credit for this. Even if they're not hearing the shouts of "Terrorist!" "Kill him!" "Off with his head!" or racial epithets being hurled at an African-American sound technician, and therefore can't nip the problem in the bud, they could step up at their first opportunity and say "Hey! Supporters! You can't be doing that shit!"

But instead they blamed Obama, saying he is "insulting McCain's supporters" and recalling the "cling to guns" comment from this summer. That's right--they said Obama was somehow at fault for their own supporters' racial epithets and literally murderous rhetoric.

I voted for McCain in the 2000 primary, back when Washington law permitted crossing party lines to pick someone. I liked the notion of an election where I had two candidates I liked. He's a different man now.

I'm glad he seems to be shifting tacks, but he needed to do so earlier and louder. He's trying to calm the asshole wing of his party about 48 hours too late for me to maintain respect for him. Better late than never...but far better an immediate rebuke than to let this crap percolate.

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Greg said...

You say McCain is a different man now, but I think he's just doing a poorer job of hiding his nature today. I think he's showing his true colors more now than he's done in the past.

While the article is heavily biased, the column in Rolling Stone about McCain's past does shed some light on what I see as a long - and consistent - pattern of behavior.