Saturday, October 11, 2008

Continuing to make the world right for my party...

Al Gore just won the 2000 election under my watchful eye.

I couldn't reel in be honest, I stopped paying attention to it too early. But I figured I could concentrate on Gore's home state of Tennessee, and I pulled it in along with Georgia, Missouri, and Ohio, while Bush only gained Maine and New Mexico from the real 2000 results. My Gore scored 327 electoral votes and a 49.7-48.0 percent plurality of votes. And I didn't go negative. (I researched for dirt on Bush, but it took too long so I switched research to real issues and ran great ads with the research results. See? Fictional America responds to issues.)

Now, if only I could somehow make the game real so we didn't have to endure the last 8 years.

Next stops: 1992, then 1980. Those are all the years the game offers now.

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