Monday, October 13, 2008

Best. Monday. Night. Ever.

I'm not a Browns fan. I don't trust anyone who barks like a dog when faced with a little scoreboard encouragement and peer pressure. But I was a Cleveland fan tonight.

My fantasy team had an anemic 65-64 lead over my sister-in-law going into tonight. I was done for the week; she had the Giants' D against a fairly pathetic Browns team. I figured that it was all over.

I had reason to watch the game, however. A survivor pool I entered had suffered some big casualties recently that I'd avoided. Washington beat Dallas two weeks back, then Denver lost in Kansas City. Yesterday, the Rams won in Washington. I avoided all of those land mines, and as it turned out, if the Browns won tonight, I'd be the only one left standing. $380 to me if the Browns win.

Needless to say, I watched the game.

Incredibly, the Giants D scored ZERO points for my opponent. That means no turnovers and no sacks for the whole game. (On top of that, Cleveland didn't even punt!) So I managed to win the game. My team (called Pull Up Your Trousers! The Vicar's Here!) is now 3-3 and in the thick of things, at least for now.

Better, the Browns won handily, so I've got a check for $380 headed my way.

I have NO IDEA how to spend it! I suspect I'll sit on it for a year, then spend it on something nice for my wife and me on our next Vegas trip. Maybe a great meal at a restaurant we'd never otherwise make it to in our lives. Maybe a top-notch show. Maybe a night of whoring. Any of those will do, as long as Swankette and I do it together.

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tommyspoon said...

I'd like to point out that there's a certain someone due to arrive early next year who could be a recipient of these funds... ;-)