Monday, September 01, 2008

TRP-1. Conspiracy theorists-0.

This ten-minute-old article from the Telegraph in the UK reveals that Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant NOW.

So she can't be Trig's mother, since she was already pregnant in April.

(Unless, of course, you want to add another layer to the conspiracy.)

So, unless you believe the stork delivered Trig Palin, that baby had to come from Sarah.

Now, as far as what's next...

Let's show a little compassion for Bristol, her husband-to-be, and her baby. The extreme right is going to attack her as a whore (and her mother for raising one). The left is going to revel in schadenfreude of a different kind, making Bristol a symbol of the hypocrisy of the fundamentalist right.

It's hard enough being a teenage mother without the entire country actively using you as a symbol for different bad things.

People are not symbols. They exist for their own reasons, not to help us make political points. And while I'm not a fan of the fundamentalist right or abstinence-only education, I'm not going to make my points while trodding upon a pregnant girl.

I hope we have the restraint to leave the kid alone. But I bet we don't.


Anonymous said...

Jack Bog certainly doesn't. I'm as baffled as you are at his insistence on pursuing any possible angle of this so-called 'scandal'. Jack's blog used to be one of serious commentary. Now it is a mindless extension of Democratic Underground....except even those nut jobs are showing SOME restraint. Jack is quickly becoming a has-been for political comment. Between this and the WTC7 implosion conspiracy he pushes, he's simply lost it.

TeacherRefPoet said...

To be fair, although I think the theory he's espousing is ridiculous, I don't see Jack going after Bristol Palin too much. He's just espousing a comically improbable story.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm sick of the Democrats being so nice and "compassionate" to the fucking Republicans. I, for one, am ready to see them play dirty just like the Republicans do to them, because that's what it takes to win elections in this country. I want to see more rumor-mongering and calling out Sarah Palin, her teenage daughter for being exactly what they are - a hypocrite and teenage slut who is a perfect example of why the religious right's campaign against sex education is such a BAD IDEA.

Time to take the gloves off, Dems. Remember the Swift boat campaign. If the Republicans are going to play like THAT, the Dems need to be able to fight back. And they MUST. Because the soul of the country is at stake.

Of course, one could argue that if the only way to win an election is to fight dirty, perhaps the soul of the country is already lost. And I wouldn't necessarily disagree with that. But I still don't want to live in a theocracy.

TeacherRefPoet said...

"Meet the new boss! Same as the old boss."

TeacherRefPoet said...

You are aware, RSG, that you have become the thing you hate, right?

Way to call a 17-year-old stranger a slut. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Real. Super. Girl. You're a bitter, hate-filled shrill. I'm sure you are secretly 'happy' though ;-)

People like Jack Bog and RSG show EXACTLY why Palin was such a great pick by McCain. They wouldn't be so hateful and shrill toward her if they thought her 'incompetence' or 'inexperience' would be a detriment. She's tenacious, articulate, knows the issues, appeals to those suburban moms she's supposed to attract, and is - ehem - easy on the eyes. Their beginning to awaken from their Messianic dreams....

tommyspoon said...

Here's one of the better posts I've read on this matter.

I had gone on a news blackout this weekend so I had not even heard about this story until I read it here today. If I were someone who cared about the Palins, I would strongly suggest that they get out in front of this thing in a much smarter manner than they have so far. Nothing like throwing your teenage daughter under the bus like this to cover your political butt.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing like throwing your teenage daughter under the bus like this to cover your political butt."

That pretty much sums it up perfectly.

You know, it's all fine and well to be privileged enough to sit around saying how we should take the high road, blah blah blah, while some of us are watching our rights erode and fearing that if people like Palin get much more power, they're gonna start rounding people like me up and putting us on cattle cars.

If you think she wouldn't do it in a heartbeat, you're deluded.

TeacherRefPoet said...

OK. Let's focus on two things here, both from RSG. (Not that I mean to ignore you, Spoon.)

--Do you believe that all teenagers who have sex are sluts? Or just the girls? Or just ones you don't like? Or just Bristol Palin?

--OK...when you call Sarah Palin a hypocrite, I am interested in hearing why. And when you criticize her policy towards gays, I agree with you and will fight beside you. But when you call her a Nazi (and parenthetically say no, seriously, she really honest-to-God wants to commit genocide), do you think it helps anyone?

No. It's a thoughtless rhetorical device that divides. Obama's the guy to bring us together, and here you are doing all you can to drive us apart by using incendiary rhetoric instead of actually crafting an argument.

RSG, let me make this clear: Not only are you hurting the country as a whole, but YOU ARE HURTING OUR PARTY'S CHANCES with this garbage. You're galvanizing the opposition.

(I think Anonymous, much as I disagree with what I bet his politics are, demonstrates this galvanization. But Anonymous--you don't get to call my friend names. I'm keeping your comment up only because I refer to it here. RSG is no shrill. You don't get to call her names on my turf.)

RSG--Don't fight in the mud with a pig. You get dirty, and the pig likes it.

I guess the difference between us is that I am unwilling to sacrifice my morals to gain power. That's Cheneyesque. And that's what you're doing with your rhetoric.

What's the difference between those who toss around "slut" and "Nazi" and the people who did this?

Other than the side they support, none. They are moral equals, so I'm not going to go there. You do your cruel ad hominem attacks if you want, but know they're counterproductive, and leave me out of it.

TeacherRefPoet said...

Spoon--Great link. Does a fine job of establishing what's in-bounds and out-of-bounds. Makes the arguments respectfully. We need more of that and less ad hominem name-calling BS.

tommyspoon said...

I will only add one other observation of mine (and shared by several women I've spoken to -- conservative and liberal):

If your 17 year old daughter is pregnant and facing both a wedding and a birth in the next few months, is this the best time to run for the Vice Presidency of the USA?

And a postscript: both the conservative and liberal women I've spoken to about this pick used one word in common -- "insulted".

Jack Bog said...

"that baby had to come from Sarah."

Bristol is not the mother = Sarah is the mother?

Why does that necessarily follow? Where is your critical thinking?

Maybe Governor Palin is telling the truth about the circumstances of Trig's birth. If so, there would be many easy ways to verify that.

Obama is right; leave Bristol out of this. But Sarah needs to answer some additional questions.

Anonymous said...

I obviously don't think Bristol Palin is a "slut" - I don't even really believe in the term. I could care less who people sleep with, when they do it, or what happens to them afterward.

The whole point of my comment -- and my own blog post-- is that the Democrats need to be prepared to get into the mud and fight dirty with the pigs. Because they're not going to win otherwise. It may not be nice, but it's true. Do you honestly think the Republicans won the election fairly the last two times? I don't. And unless we WANT this country taken over by anti-democratic religious thugs like Palin, we better be prepared to fight for it, by any means necessary.

tommyspoon said...

RSG, I would drop this particular stick. You're not going to move TRP. Believe me, I've tried. ;-)

But here's something for you as a consolation prize. TRP, you should read this, too. The tone may be a bit strident, but the sentiment is shared by many.

TeacherRefPoet said...


I do appreciate your directness in flat-out saying you've sold your morals out to gain power.

Where we disagree is when you say this shit helps gain friends and influence people. It won't. I would NOT vote for a candidate that acted like you and Spoon. Neither would my never-voted-Democrat-before sister, who's looking at Obama. Even my mother-in-law is giving her a look, and she hasn't voted Democratic in at least fifty years. Your premise is wrong. Even Obama wants you to knock it off. He's right. You're wrong.

What's the point in gaining power if you've willingly surrendered your soul? And make no mistake about it--you're rationalize becoming a thug yourself. What makes you better than the other guy's thug? I'd argue that you're actually worse because you should know better.

Calling people names is easy. It's lazy and ineffective. Convincing people you're right is hard.


You've got your burden of proof wrong. You don't have a mother or a motive in your story. It's therefore your duty to provide proof that Palin is not the mother. Her story, while improbable, is the only one out there right now. You don't even HAVE a story, so it's not reasonable for you to demand proof when you've got nothing.


I prefer MLK to the anger of your current post. His strategy works. This poster's points and anger are understandable, of course. But, as you know, I reject your premise.

IF IT'S WRONG WHEN THEY DO IT, IT'S WRONG WHEN WE DO IT. To say otherwise is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, didn't know RSG was a friend of yours. Her first comment in this thread was the first and only thing I had ever read from her.

As for our politics, I would guess we agree on more than we disagree about.