Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm terribly sorry.

Under my breathtakingly sorry mismanagement, the Obama campaign lost to McCain/Palin 58.1% to 41.9%. We did manage to capture California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, and DC, but that's all.

I think, looking back, I made a few key errors:

1. I never let my candidates rest. As a result, Joe Biden collapsed on the campaign trail 5 times in October. Obama twice. And they BOTH collapsed from exhaustion the day before the election. (By then, it was all pretty well decided.)

2. Because I wanted to imitate Obama, I did not take federal election funds and decided to fundraise myself. But I didn't have any skills at doing so, so my reports would frequently say "We could not run our ads yesterday due to a lack of funds."

3. Biden didn't prepare for his VP debate enough. He actually lost to Palin.

4. In spite of my abysmal failure, I enjoyed the game so much that I plan on playing it again this evening. This time, I take the feds' funds. I'm not going to trust myself to raise money.

And this time, both candidates take two days of rest a week no matter what.

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