Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dreeeeaaam, dream dream dre-eeem, dreeeeeeeeeam...

On my first try at the President Forever game, 2004 edition, I guided Kerry/Edwards to a tough win over Bush/Cheney. 50.1/49.9 popular vote, 310 electoral votes. Got all the states he got in the real world, plus Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida.

(This after finally breaking through with Obama on my third attempt, in a sweet reversal of 2000--I lost the popular vote but got the White House.)

May I recommend this game? It's taken up the entire 24 hours of my flu, and then some. And I can revise history and imagine what would have happened if only I were in charge.

Next stop, 2000. Al, we'll make it right this time.

Then, 1980.

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