Sunday, September 14, 2008

A scientific poll.

I met Bean today for the first time, the latest guy I've met via blogging.

And an interesting question came up.

I'll skip a few lines after the question so you can answer unimpeded by what brought this up.

Who is the first person you think when given the following name?


When the Kansas City Chiefs (the NFL team I would 32nd-most enjoy being a fan of right now) were reduced to playing Taylor Thigpen for most of today's game (surely you remember his work at Coastal Carolina?) Bean remarked how he remembered him setting a save record for the 1990 White Sox. It was the first Bobby Thigpen joke I've ever heard.

But, as big a baseball fan as I am, my default Thigpen is not Bobby. It's Yancey Thigpen. Mostly because my buddy Susan did a hilarious impression of a guy named Thigpen with a lisp hosting a show called "Thigpen's Pigskins."

Out of curiosity, we have asked two other people for their default Thigpens. Both of them...his buddy, my wife...selected not a Thigpen, but Pigpen. (My wife said "Somebody with a lisp saying Pigpen." Of course, no speech impediment that I know of changes a "p" sound to a "th" sound.)

I thought I'd go to Google to see the top Thigpen. Surprisingly, the top Google result for "Thigpen" is the Wikipedia entry for actress Lynne Thigpen, While I remember her, I had forgotten her name.

So tell me...who is your default Thigpen?


Jim Anderson said...

Bobby. Also, the "save" statistic is worthless.

Alison said...

Lynne. She was a fine actress, although best known to some as the woman on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"