Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back at it

On one hand, my year has started well. Juniors are thinking and having decent discussions. On the other hand, with just a handful of assignments done, almost all done in class, I'm failing 30 out of 98 of them.

I'm hoping they've just stumbled out of the gate and that they'll right the ship soon better than sophomores do.

There's a lot to celebrate. The AP kids and debaters are awesome. The team is growing, and feels enthusiastic. I am making a difference.

I won't try to get too down this early. But if these numbers don't change within a few years, I may have to consider a new location. I can't last 24 more years of this kind of daily heartbreak, and unlike some of my colleagues, I'm unwilling to start treating apathetic kids as expendable just to make my life easier.

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