Friday, September 19, 2008

101.1 Farenheit Degrees

That was last night. I felt AWFUL. I feel significantly better today, but I'm hanging out in the Sick Room.

And I'm bored. There's a limit to the number of Tivoed Lettermans a guy can get through.

So I'm going to try to win the election for Barack Obama.

I'm not a video game guy, but I've just bought a copy of President Forever.

I played the free version to try it out for a while. They wouldn't let me be my boyfriend Barack--they made me be Hillary trying to beat Giuliani. And I didn't get off to a good start...even Washington was in danger in mid-September. But I started figuring things out...had Bill barnstorming nationwide for me, getting lots of energy from the hot young love he was no doubt getting away from Hillary. And I just started figuring out how to use foot soldiers in the individual states. Giuliani still held the lead, but a good ad attacking him on Iraq was making a difference in some battleground states, and I was preparing for the first debate...

when the game said "To finish this election and beat Rudy Giuliani, you have to buy the game."

Sold! I've got a long day ahead, and the game kicks butt. Worth $20 from my fun budget.

So now, I get to start over. With Obama. Against McCain. I won't go negative. I plan on winning. I'll let you know.

(Really advanced players like to get the 1984 version and try to make Mondale unseat Reagan. Few succeed.)

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