Thursday, August 07, 2008

Vacation update

Howdy, y'all...

Well, the wife and hedgehog are puttering around Colorado with me, and meeting friends along the way (including her and her).

Dollar Rent-A-Car charged us $6 per day to have my wife be able to drive the car in addition to me. I've never been charged for having a spouse drive before. The woman behind the counter at DIA, when we asked why they'd charge us for something that doesn't incur them any expense, said point-blank that it's to gather up more money. Bye-bye Dollar Rent-a-Car...they're more appropriately named Nickel-And-Dime Rent-A-Car. I won't be back.

Wife wrote a beautiful piece on how pregnancy impacts her viewing of the Columbine Shooting Memorial. (I don't want to call it "The Columbine Memorial," since Columbine is alive, well, and busy.) It was interesting...I didn't cry, but my wife, whose connection to the tragedy is far less personal, was quaking with sobs.

It's incredible how quickly, even after such a long absence, that I fall right back into being at home here. It's kind of cool. Vancouver is home, Seattle is home, and Colorado remains home. It's awesome to have so many places to feel connected with. (Er, with which to feel connected.)

But there are some bumps. The people who own my childhood home very kindly let me inside last weekend. I can no longer see the grocery store, junior high, or even the mountains from "my" window. The trees have grown and blocked everything out. The pine tree that Derek Downey could jump over in 1979 is now taller than the house. Incredible.

Watched the Nats sweep a doubleheader at Coors Field today. Lastings Milledge had a hell of a couple of games. Fun to watch. But it was damn hot. Very few people were around for all of both games. Swankette and I were among them...we moved to a shady seat and the pregnant wife napped against my shoulder for an inning or two while I scored the game.

It must be exasperating to be a Republican in this town right now. My boyfriend Barack is on T-shirts in every stinkin' window of the 16th Street Mall.

Tomorrow...the actual reunion. It'll be interesting to see everyone. I've already brunched with a handful of them. Old friends, even ones I've fallen out of contact with, are invaluable.

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