Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maybe I'm a one-issue voter...

but I wish my boyfriend hadn't picked the plagiarist, and I wish he hadn't picked a guy from a deep, deep blue state worth only 3 electoral votes.

It's not enough to affect my vote, but it's disappointing.


tommyspoon said...

I'm disappointed, too. But for a much more important reason than plagiarism: his awful Bankruptcy bill which set the stage for the housing crisis and has punished many people who go into debt due to medical bills that they were unable to pay because they had no health insurance. It was a gift to one of his major constituencies: the credit card companies who call his state their corporate home.

The only two upsides to his pick that I can see now are as follows:

1. DE is a strong Democratic state so there would be no loss of numbers in the Senate.

2. He will be an excellent attack dog against McCain.

So, I'm disappointed. But I suppose I'll get over it.

Joe said...

Geographical representation isn't important anymore. The identity college is what you have to win. What Biden brings is blue-collar bona fides. He's going to shore up that old Democratic base of union workers, vets, and Catholics.

MCMC said...

Joe hits it spot on. Not very much evidence to support that a VP pick can deliver a state, or even a congressional district. Edwards, for example, did not deliver his home state for Kerry.

Biden doesn't get me up in the morning. But it's a smart, strategic choice. And it signals the campaigns shift to a populist economic message, which I think is key to November victory.

Alison said...

I'm kind of pleased that Obama picked a running mate based on who he thought could help him govern. Too often, it has seemed that the sole purpose of the VP candidate was to help get a November win. Most of them could just as easily have gone into retirement in December and not been missed.