Thursday, August 07, 2008

Local Newscasters

It's got to suck to be a female broadcast journalist. Every time I come home (well, to a hotel in the "hometown" where I grew up), I tune in the local newscasts. And some of the guys I grew up watching in the 80s are still at the anchor desk.

And almost without fail, these aging men are next to very young, very, very hot young women (I can't find the name of the woman I saw on Saturday night...but man-oh-man...). Only one of the women on the news has been at it for any length of time...and even she's only in her 40s. Will she be elbowed out by some new sexy woman?

The whole Erin Andrews kerfuffle exemplifies the problem. (Hell, for that matter, so do I.) There's still a double standard, and there will be until women in their 60s are as common as men in their 60s on the local news. Men need to be good anchors, but women need to be good and sexy. That's not fair.

Is the same true on your hometown local news? Or is my sexism-detector set to too-sensitive?

(Actually, as I gathered links for this post, I learned that at least one veteran anchorwoman is still on the air in Denver. It's not prime time, but considering her reputation and experience, that might be by her choice. So maybe it's not as bad as I think. But I'd still like input from your hometowns...are older women anchors around, or are the women all young and hot while the men can be older and less-hot?)

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Alison said...

It's true - this is something that's rampant, and not just in local news. Look at CNN or MSNBC, and guess the relative ages of the anchors at any given time.

Of course, it's self-fulfilling. Women in their 60s (or at least women who are visibly in their 60s) won't be as common as men in their 60s on the news as long as women are let go as soon as the crow's feet appear.