Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go Norway.

I had chosen Croatia as my men's Olympic Handball team because I like the swooping play of Mirza Dzomba from the corner. (But if Iceland makes the semis, I may switch. Seriously. ICELAND a shot at a medal?)

But I needed a women's team to follow as I TiVo the rest of the handball.

I made the decision as I watched my first women's game today...Norway against Romania.

Norway seemed to have a disproportionate percentage of hot players.

Note their big mug-you-in-the-middle chick Else Lybekk. Lybekk gets extra hotness points because her non-handball pictures are sort of ho-hum, but when she's trying to kick someone's ass, she looks hot as all get-out.

Now, note the similarly hot Katja Nyberg:

Go Norway.

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