Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Upper Body

One of my goals for this summer is to stay in shape for the start of next basketball season. I'm actually doing a decent job as far as walking goes. I live 1.6 miles from my beloved Moxies, and have done the 3.2 mile round-trip there (and sometimes a little beyond if I have a bank errand) often enough that it doesn't feel like an aberration anymore. It's now fairly close to a habit. In the course of doing this, I burn 330 calories...but I'll usually buy a soda (220 calories). But I like the diet ginger maybe I'll make it a full 330 loss.

The next step is to get my butt to the community center to do some lifting. I'd like to sustain at least a little muscle (which is all I have) into later-middle age.

But I can't find a personal trainer I like. Those with cards at the center feel a little hippy-dippy for my tastes. I'd prefer old-school...someone who might beat the shit out of me if I fail to do my reps for the week. (Fear definitely motivates me.)

So I'm thinking of getting on it myself...just going on-line, trying to figure out some exercises I can start with, and lifting on my own. My big sister says that's a bad idea. Form is too important, she says. She's likely right.

So where from here? Hmmmm. I think I'll do it on my own for a little while until I find a trainer I like. What I do NOT need is another excuse to stay on my ass.

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